Through Davis Projects for Peace my team would submit a proposal for a program that would create awareness on domestic violence in Savannah, GA and empower survivors. I learned how to find the root cause of a problem, collaborate with non profits and measure possible outcomes for social impact throughout this course in order to create peace.
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Check an overview of our whole project by tapping on the image of our posters.
Part 1
Part 1
Part 2
Part 2
My Role:
• Mainly focused on ideating solutions, mapping flows and problem solving.
• Created a journey map for the survivor to indicate when we involve them in our program and focus on their experience.
• Worked on piecing together the visual assets and crafting the promotional material.
It all started by identifying the SDGs our group was passionate about and a location, Savannah GA.
A design for a holistic art installation experience in Savannah, Georgia focused on domestic violence to raise awareness within our community, promote existing resources for vulnerable populations, and engage survivors in the creation of the exhibit.
Installation Journey
The survivor's and installation journey was a moment for our design skills to follow through in execution and bring back the power of the survivors . Thinking about how to involve the survivor, shape the experience towards their empowerment, and involve the support of their community, was our biggest breakthrough in this project. 

This wasn't the only project submitted to Davis Projects for Peace from SCAD. To view the other two teams from and their work, along with more details from our journey here check out the link below.

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