fluid is a solution to spread awareness towards data and privacy. Executed through an interactive and informative one use app in the style of a PSA announcement.

Our promo video was made in collaboration with film student Gergely Harsányi and voiced by Liz Rodgers.

My Role:
• Mainly served in ideation to provide perspective on the ideal user scenario and problem solving how this product could benefit the user. 
• Finalized the structure, focused on the interaction flow of our app and synthesized the teammates initial UI concepts.
• Collaborated with our graphic designers to design the UI, Emily created components and I pieced them together on our app prototype.
People who create a digital presence online over consume the internet and are not aware how companies value and collect their data. 
Through several surveys conducted online, we wanted to understand what people thought about online data and what people fear in order to create a solution that better fit their needs.
User Journey
We begin to form a structure, identity and highlight one another's skills and collaborate through the development of this project.
Initial Flows
Concept Deliverables
App Prototype
New User Journey

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